Friday, August 20, 2010

How My Garden Grows – August

It’s wild in some areas!
See the very crazy pumpkin patch below. This year I have more pumpkins than I’ve ever grown!
It’s so wild in there that I can hardly walk around!

Look a little pumpkin is growing inside a cinderblock!! Do you think it’ll be square? I hope I can get it out!

Some things did not do well this year – corn & the zucchini above – 3rd year in a row – I give up!

Tomatoes didn’t do well this year either. On the other hand the blueberries have been great! No grapes this year whereas last year I had tons.

There are a few flowers that are still blooming.

The Knockout Roses are so great!

We’ve had very little rain all summer and temperatures in the high 90’s with horrid humidity and they just keep going with no problems!

The  Morning Glories are bloomig.

A few other plants are trying! STILL haven’t found that bunnies ear! It must be buried under the mulch.

The weeds have been growing very well! It’s too hot to really spend a good chunk of time outside so I feel like I’m neglecting everything and I’ll have tons of work to do when it get’s cooler!

So that’s how my garden is growing in Hotlanta in August!


Vee said...

Everyone's garden is looking a bit rough. I was going to put up a post about my August garden and decided against it. I do hope you get a square pumpkin. I think I'd have to get it out quick.

Anita said...

I'm so jealous of the pumpkins!! I meant to plant some, but never go around to it, My mom's garden, more like an entire farm, has grow like crazy and she has been busy putting up corn, canning beans, pickles, tomatoes, then there will be peppers and potatoes. I have trouble growing one jalapeno pepper!

Julie said...

Don't feel bad....NEGLECT going on here in HOT Charlotte...
I just have to let it go...Life is what you make of it! :-)

Ally's Corner said...

My tomatoes didn’t do well this year either.
Have a great week-end.

Leann said...

Gorgeous - weeds and all. A square pumpkin - it'd be great!!!


Donna said...

Your garden looks good compared to mine this year. The only thing we had to grow were tomatoes and sunflowers. My flower garden looks pitiful too! I tried pumpkins and gourds this year but it has been too hot and dry. Your pumpkin in the block is darling!

The Working Home Keeper said...

Loved the pumpkin in the cinderblock! Next year, I'll have to give pumpkins a try. The kids would really love it. My green peppers and okra did absolutely nothing. Thank goodness for the farmers market!

Mary Ellen

Bella said...

It looks like everything is doing pretty well. :) I just love your plate border - every time I see that I think what a great idea it is.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

It felt like Hotlanta here as well. It was one for the record books this year! My garden is pretty wild right now too!
I am going to visit my dear 76 year old gardening tiwns this afternoon. They spend some part of every day in their magnificent gardens. I'm taking my camera! I made bird feeders out of tea cups and I am taking them one for their garden.
Please post how that pumpkin looks. I hope it is square! What will you do with it?

Chook said...

Your garden is beautiful Manuela and that pumpkin will looked crazy if you can get it out of that block.You possibly may have to smash the block to get it out.If you get it out,please show us..x

Kay said...

It's been HOT-braska here on the plains too. My tomatoes were a bust, except for the cherry maters which are going strong. Thank goodness for the kindness of neighbors.
The squash bugs were late this year and decimated my volunteer gourds, acorn squash and spaghetti squash. The peppers hated the shadey part of the garden and the herbs hated the patio, except for the BIG rosemary plant (I hope). The basil growing in the shade seems to like it there, so I've had some.
The potatoes and onions are waiting patiently under the weeds and mulch to be pulled/dug and my flower beds are a mess of grass and weeds. September can't come soon enough! said...

LOVE your pretty garden. How awesome that you can grow pumpkins, I have tried for years and just can't do it;( But one year goard seeds found their way into my flower garden and I got tons of them. Go figure:) I will try again next year anyway!
Capers of the vintage vixens

Sandy said...

Beautiful garden, and it looks like it's going to be a great harvest!! I have never had any luck growing pumpkins and believe me I have tried numerous times. Thanks for sharing, I have been peaking through and I love all the wonderful projects you have been working on. I'll have to say it again, your house is just beautiful!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Why oh why didn't I plant pumpkins(?), as I just love yours. Maybe that one will be square! I didn't have one single morning glory even come up. My garden isn't worth diddly right now.

Linda said...

Its been a strange year for gardening here in California, not hot enough! But isn't it exciting when its a jungle out there, even more exciting when there's something to pick while wading through it.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like you still have a lot going on in your garden. My potted bloomers have about fizzled out - to hot, to long.
Enjoy your weekend.

mizdarlin said...

People actually grow veggies in molds (mostly squashes) but they have two sides, can be taken apart..I'd move that little one if i were you so it doesn't get stuck..
Believe it or not, even up here in the "Frozen North" we had a massive heat wave that pretty much put the kibosh on my wee balcony garden..I have a few tomatoes, and the garlic chives grow through anything, including snow, but my hanging basket of annuals, usually so lush and colourful, is just pathetic..
So right now, your garden is looking pretty lush to me..

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks pretty good for the summer we've had! I've been slowly taking my garden down, some years are like that:@)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That pumpkin in the block does look square. That would be different. Great for decorating this fall. It has been one hot sticky summer here. I hope we get cooler weather soon. We must have had more rain than you. It was raining at least once a week until a couple of weeks ago and it just rained here a little today.

Kristi said...

I LOVE your gardens Manuela!! Both your veggie garden and flower beds are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!
oh and I never have good luck with corn for some reason :( But zuchinni I do....

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

It sounds like everyone has had very hot and dry weather. The weeds survive no matter what.

You still have pretty color with your flowers.

T's Daily Treasures said...

How lovely that some things were able to grow. I'm surprised about the zucchini. I thought they always did well. My cousin in Michigan always has tons -- some humongous ones. I can get tomatoes to grow but that has to wait until we actually get some cooler weather around here, maybe December, January. :/ Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Tammy

Theresa said...

I love a garden, flower garden, vegetable anything in the garden! I love your little cinderblock pumpkin:) She is precious!

I had luck with tomatoes but not zucchini! Weeds grow good here too:) My knockout roses are doing extremely well this year if I could keep the Japanese Beatles out of them. They munch away:(

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a nice garden! That's a lot of property to keep up but you are so lucky to have room for a big garden like that. I love the hodgepodge plate border.

I feel so removed from the high temperatures and humidity. Where I live in Oregon, it's been a very mild summer so far. I've turned on the AC maybe 6 days this year. Our wild blackberries still aren't even sweet- Hubby says not enough heat.

Happy@Home said...

Your weather conditions sound about like ours here in NC. My garden is looking pretty bad for the most part. I am ready for fall gardening. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who had bad luck with zucchini plants. I planted 4 of them and didn't even get one squash. I wonder if it was the extreme heat and humidity?
Your cinder block pumpkin is so cute.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your garden looks so pretty. Mine pales in comparison. Weeds are growing well in mine too... My zucchini hasn't done well either, and usually it does great. I'm not sure why. Tomatoes have come in abundance though :-)

Dena said...

I love your garden! Everything looks so magical and pretty. The plate borders are just perfect :)


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wouldn't it be fun to have that square pumpkin? My garden is starting to die down, but I have actually planted a second crop of beans and peas. I hope to plant some more lettuce and broccoli too. I am just waiting for a little cooler weather.

Linda said...

We had just the opposite problem, no heat. I think you got it all. So my veggies didn't do anything. They only start to grow a little about a month ago. I did enjoy the flowers I planted. So I wll try again next year. The work is we might have an early fall.

Julie Harward said...

I think it''s all be beautiful...I love that the pumpkin is growing in the cinder block...very fun! ;D

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Manuela, what a fabulous garden. i love the pumpkin in the cinderblock. I do hope you can get it out and that it keeps a square shape to it. My husband and I got a kick out of this post. He thinks you should start growing your veggies in boxes and see if you can start something. Square food. Yup, that's my husband. ;-)

Hope you're doing great,

Gloria said...

I just love your gardens Manuela. Everytime I see your backyard I want to go see our backyard. I honestly never tire of seeing your yard, or home. Have a great Sunday and week to come.

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh it has been brutal this summer in Ga...I can't even get outside cause I can't breathe. I am so ready for cooler weather.

On your post above...I so agree with you. Just love your blog and always have...your so right I think people stake out giveaways and thats all...I love going to my favorite places although I don't comment all the time I am still lurking and oohhing and aweing over your post. I actually went to see my parents in North Ga and showed my Mom your checked porch from last year and she loved it...they just added a porch on and I had to share yours and how beautiful all your decor is...

BTW I have been on the hunt for a fake fireplace mantel also...I saw where Eddie Morris had one and thought it was so cute. Yours is awesome!

Melanie @ The Tiny Tudor said...

I love the plate border!