Friday, May 6, 2011

Out With The Old In With The New

Hi everyone!

I'm really happy to announce that I have moved - that is my blog has moved! You can now find me at

I'm at the point in my life where I'm ready for a new adventure and I felt a fresh start with a new blog was needed!

Here's what I wrote on my About page:

Hi and Welcome!

Although I’m just your average mom, I come from an artistic background (former ballet dancer and art history major), so everything I do is influenced by that. I also have the privilege and challenge of making everything happen on one income! So I’ve had to learn how to cultivate beauty in my home by using my creativity and not my pocket book.

In the past few years I’ve become very interested in self-sufficiency & in the homesteading movement and all that encompasses. I’m also at a point in my life where I’d like to be less of a consumer and more of a producer.

A Cultivated Nest is place where I can share my adventures and dreams of simple country living in a metropolitan suburb of Atlanta…where I can let my inner farmgirl out! It’s a place where the focus will be on the ability to enjoy the small things in life, where I’ll try doing stuff I know I’m not good at but want to get better at (sewing, knitting, growing more of our own food, preserving that food, trying new recipes, to name a few).  I do like feathering my nest so there will be a bit of decorating thrown in (but on a budget). And of course, lots of gardening as that’s what I really love to do! There might be chickens and rabbits in my future as well!

It’s a Celebration of Everyday Domestic Life!
I've enjoyed blogging here and meeting all of you but it's time for a change. Now, all the people that follow this blog have automatically been subscribed to the new blog through Google Friends Connect (couldn't get that widget to install without all the people that have me on their Google reader also coming along). But I totally understand that this new blog may not be what readers of this blog are wanting or expecting. You will not be hurting my feelings if you unsubscribe....really. My choice would have been to have no subscribers and just let people choose to subscribe but that's not how it worked out.
I'll be keeping this blog up (since it's free) and have transferred most of the posts to my new blog (but in the end not everything will wind up there so that's why this blog won't be deleted).
I want to thank Katie at DreamUp Studios for my new blog design and for doing all the hard work of transferrring everything. She's really nice and easy to work with and does Blogger designs as well.
There's a new post up at A Cultivated Nest so come on over for visit. I will no longer be posting here.
See you at my new place!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrifting Again

Hi everyone!  I hadn’t gone thrifting in long, long, looooong time since I've been in the decluttering/packing up phase. Last weekend I went to my favorite place to do a little shopping. The weather was gorgeous and it was so much fun to look at all the pretty things. Here are a few pics of what they had and at the end I’ll show you what I got.
I’m so into old outdoor birdhouses right now. Isn’t that a cute one!
I liked this one too, but I didn’t get either since they were waaay more than my spending allowance.
What do you think of this? It’s made from old tires!!!
I think they’re planters (there’s two there – at first I thought it was a weird two-headed swan thing)!
Some more cute outdoor stuff.  I saw lots of old painted ladders inside as well.
I just loved this little yellow bench made from a bed!
Also loved this little red cabinet.
There were some fun light fixtures for sale too! I mean really, where would you put that?
This one was pretty because they had a beaded bulbcover on the bulb. Very Frenchy looking!
Wish I had room for this yellow cabinet.
They had quite a few pieces that incorporated burlap. Including a rug made out of burlap that had been stenciled on (couldn’t get a pic of that do to poor lighting).
I’m looking for an old painted ladder to use in my garden as a trellis. All the ones in this store were crazy prices (in my opinion, but maybe they’re hard to find?). I might just buy a new one and I’m sure by next year it’ll look like that one!
I thought this old dishrack was the cutest thing. Great for displaying dishes and cups&saucers on that bottom shelf.

Want to see what I bought?……………..
Almost bought that black vintage scale. But instead I got this cute vintage picture!
$12 and I think it’s just perfect for this spot!

**Moving News – soooo, we’ve pretty much decided to stay put for now due to a number of factors.To complicate matters, our daughter isn’t sure she’s going to stay at SCAD Atlanta for her degree. So that’s going to factor into where/if we move. So for now I’m just going to “bloom where I’m planted” and make the best of it even though this town isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

I do have some fun news to share with you all later this week!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!