Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th & Changing the China Cabinet

I changed out my china cabinet for the summer. I put away the blue transferware and quite a bit of the red too. The reason I change things around so much is that I don't have room to have everything out at once. Besides I like change and giving my house a fresh look. If you want to see the before take a look at this post. That was in March and I did red, white and blue which would have been perfect for the 4th of July! All the pictures will open larger by clicking on them.

The rooster finial was a TJ Maxx find - $3 on clearance! The small white ironstone plates it's sitting on and to the side are from Goodwill as are the butter pats under those red demi-tasse cups and the transferware cups that are hanging.

The second shelf. My pride and joy of my red transferware collection my soup tureen.

The bottom shelf. The two platters are from TJ Maxx. I think they were $4.99 and $3.99 - how could I pass them up?

The top half of the cabinet. The bottom I store all the china I'm not displaying and my husband big leather chair hides the mess!

I'll change it out for the fall so I can rotate some of my darker pieces in. Several people have emailed me about wallpapering their bookcases/cabinets. I use double stick tape. I don't actually adhere the wallpaper to the backs. On this china cabinet I used fabric which I wrapped around cardboard pieces and popped those in the back of the cabinet.

Here's an old photo from 2007 when I originally did this cabinet.

Here's the cardboard covered with the toile fabric. I can just pop those out and store them and pop them back in when I want, or take of the fabric and use it for something else!

So you don't permanently affix the paper/fabric! My other suggestion is to just paint the backs a contrasting color.

I'm almost finished with my deck and I hope to be able to post for Met Monday as long as it stays dry over the weekend! Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!


Mrs. G said...

Happy 4th to you too Manuella. Love the way your hutch looks. Great idea to use the cardboard cut outs as a base to add fabric to the back of shelves. I just might have to try that.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It's beautiful Manuela!! I love those plates with the flags. Perfect for the 4th.

Looking forward to seeing your deck.

Happy 4th of July!

Sharon said...


It's beautiful! I love your transfer ware collection and the plates with the flags are adorable. I also like your idea of using fabric covered cardboard, I may just need to try that :)

Have a Happy Independence Day!


Rhonda in OK said...

those summer dishes with the check rim, roses and flags are just too cute! You do such a nice job.

I've been gardening all week and it is mostly because of encouragement and ideas I got from you, thank you!

Frugal Fine Living said...

Beautiful! I love the rooster finial and red transferware. Covering cardboard with fabric so you can easily change it is ingenious!


Denise said...

Thanks for the tip on putting fabric over cardboard! I want to give that a try!


Jennifer said...

Manuela, It is just so festive and cozy! I love how you just "pop" your toile background in and out. I love the soup tureens as well. They are a favorite in the kitchen and for decorating with!

I hope you guys have a great 4th this weekend. There is a chance of rain here (finally), and I really don't care if it falls!


vintage at heart said...

I always enjoy your "nesting" displays. Love it all!!!
Happy 4th!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your cabinet is so pretty. Hope you have a great 4th.

"Dove" said...

You have the gift of spinning anything into something lovely! Looks so great!

Vee said...

What a great plate that first and last one is. I like the "bit of a jumble" look with the cups stacked that way. Your cabinet always looks wonderful in all of its guises. Happy 4th!

Becky K. said...

Great tips.

Your dishes are lovely.

Have a very happy Fourth of July.

Becky K.

Nancy said...

OH my goodness! I love this!! The cabinet shelves are beautiful!!! Love that rooster finial! Love the idea for the backing in the cabinets...I am going to do that!!!! Never thought about the cardboard! Thank you! Thank You!
Hope you have a wonderful 4th! Nancy

scrappy quilter said...

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July. I love the idea about using cardboard. I really like your cabinet too.

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy 4th Manuela! No matter what you do I always love it, and I love those plates with the gingham around the edges:>) So pretty with the red transferware!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Hope you are ready to have a wonderful 4th, and I love the red checked plates with the flowers and flags. Great for the holiday. All of your dishes are beautiful, and I going back to checking the post about the teacup bird feeders. Have a wonderful 4th! Jackie

Kim said...

Love the changes to your cabinet. I loved everything. I want one of those rooster finials. And your flower plates with the flags are yummy. I want some of them as well. I guess I'll just have to keep coming back to your blog to sneak a peek every once in awhile.

Terri and Bob said...

It's beautiful! You'll have to remember to save the red, white and blue for July next year. Have a fabulous fourth! Can't wait to see the deck!

Terry said...

Howdy Manuella
Happy Fourth of July to you.
Oh my your blog is so delightful.
Everything in your china cabinet is simply gorgeous !!!
I really like the rooster such a sweet way to catch my attention as I was scrolling thru the photos for the third or fourth time.
Hey they were all too beautiful to look at only one time .
Thank you so much for sharing today.
Have a very blessed weekend .
Happy Trails

Karen said...

Very cute! I just love your tureens. LOVE THEM!

Stacey said...

Goodness that looks so pretty. You have truly transformed that cabinet. The scroll work at the top just makes it. Is there a name on the back of the flag plates?

glorv1 said...

It looks great. I don't have dishes such as yours, mine are just all white or I have some other dishes I've had for years and who knows what they are. You're very neat, I wish I could be. I know....when I grow up, I want to be MANUELA!! heheheehe. Happy Fourth to you and yours. Take care.

Nadine said...

Dear Manuela,

So bright and cheery!! I like it!
Wishing you and your family a Happy Fourth of July!



Bella said...

I love it. You are a woman after my own heart. And your new blog header is beautiful. Happy Fourth!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Love your china and darling hutch! Great job! Happy 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You have a wonderful blog. Your hutch looks amazing. I think I could really use some decorating help. I'm kindof all over the place on style. maybe that is my style though. You do an amazing job.

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

I love the wallpaper/fabric insert idea! I have some bookcases that could really use some sprucing up.

Sandra said...

Happy 4th to you Manuela. :) I love all your transferware. :)

Sue said...

Hi Manuela....I love your new header....and ofcourse your dishes are always fun to see...Have a wonderful 4th....will you be going to the fireworks on the Square...I'm hoping the weather is nice...they are having all sorts of festivities going on there tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th. I love those plates with the checks, flowers and flags. Who are they made by, i just have to have those for my hutch. Inspired me to drag out some of my old dishes to play with.


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Manuela,
Oh, I just LOVE your red transferware! Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderul July 4th weekend.


Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Happy 4th, Manuela! Love how you change the look of your hutch with fabric. You seem to just have boundless creative energy!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

:) AMY

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Beautiful display, as always! In our old house, I used your idea of fabric around cardboard (I used hot glue) for a cabinet in my bathroom. I had tried scrapbook paper and double-sided tape but that didn't last with the humidity. The fabric/cardboard combination worked perfectly!

I can't wait to see your deck when it's finished!

Just a little something from Judy said...

How very creative you are!! It is fun to see what small changes can do to add spice and variety to our decor. You gave me ideas and you proved to me that you are artistic and practical. Great post!!

Tanya said...

Everything looks so beautiful Manuela. Love your transferware. I have a teapot and one cup and saucer so far. I want to collect more but haven't worked very hard at it yet! Have a great weekend. :)

its so very cheri said...

My GIVE AWAY will be posted by tomorrow morning-there's a peak preview of one of the items-go check it out and send everyone over to get their names in Monday morning.

Storybook Woods said...

Happy 4th, I always love your cabinets. It is amazing how changing the back can make such a difference. Such an inexpensive way to change things up xoxox Clarice

Lady Katherine said...

The toile looks great as your lovely dishes! I had to click on to enlarge your pattern! Just wonderful! I drove to a town 10 miles away by my lonesome, to bank, post office and Freds. I just went and got what I came for too tired to shop! On my first outing. I been keeping children and my cousin died and been at the funeral home. Too tired to do anything. I may have a day off from kids tomorrow. I hope so. I went to Doc to, sort it all out then let you know.