Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Past

I've been working on my mantel in the living room and thought I'd take a look at what I did last year to get some ideas. I thought some of you (especially my new readers) might like to see also.

My very favorite thing that I did last year was to wrap a painting I had hanging over the fireplace to look like a present!

I took one of those Styrofoam cones (they have them for $1 at Dollar Tree) and wrapped a strand of beaded garland around it. I may try that again with some silver garland

Vintage buttons glued onto a Styrofoam cone. I've seen cones everywhere this year. Lots seem to have paper on them. So maybe using scrapbook paper on them would be fun this year.

Boy this poor bird has been painted sooo many times! She's sitting on nest made from a napkin ring I think.

A silver tray with some broken mercury glass ornaments, vintage brooches, sparkly garland, shiny odds and ends.

Sparkly napkin rings in a bowl - gotta find those for this year!

The next few pics are in the kitchen - I'm not doing anything in the kitchen this year.

White and green fresh flowers surrounded by white and lime green Christmas balls

O.K. back to work! Enjoy the pictures comments are off - See ya Friday!