Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Peek Into My Garage & Weekend Bits & Pieces

We have had the most gorgeous weather in Atlanta! It's been in the 60's - just beautiful and sunny. The perfect time to get out a do a few things around the yard because we all know it won't last! It could very well snow in a few days or we could have a tornado - that's how crazy our weather is!

Off to Home Depot - where we bought 10 bales of pine straw and a new shelving unit for the garage using a $100 Gift Certificate from our American Express Rewards program. We don't believe in credit cards but we do use this one because of the rewards program. I wrote about how I manage it here.

That's my constant companion, Maxie. He always winds up laying in the middle of where ever my working! Often he'll lay right in front of the cooktop when I'm cooking and he's always right underfoot when I'm vacuuming!

Oh look how helpful he's being! He is cute though and very very sweet.

All done and some signs of spring - the daffodils are starting to pop up!

I also took the flowers I had on my tray garden and planted them outside. They're done for now but hopefully they'll come back next year. That way I enjoyed them inside and I'll enjoy them outside for years to come.

Some of you may remember that I bought these trellises last year when the Home Depot Garden Center by me closed. They were some ridiculous price like $5! I never got around to putting them up so my husband did that for me.

That wild thing is a Climbing Iceberg. I don't know what I was thinking using that little trellis behind it! Live and Learn!

My husband zip stripped the trellises to the fence boards after putting them into the ground. He says zip strips are the duck tape of the 2000's! He loves using them and has them in various colors LOL!

After - I pruned it too. We'll check back when they're are some blooms.

On to the garage! We do have a two car garage but can only get one car in!! I was looking for something the other day and couldn't for life of me find it and I know it's in there somewhere. I can't take it anymore!

So we moved everything into the center and put up a new deeper shelving unit for me to put my stuff on.

I'm going to go through everything this week, decide what I want to keep and what I'm going to donate. I should really have a garage sale but I hate having them!

This is the very first piece of furniture that I ever painted! I did this about 10 years ago. I keep my large platters and other odds and ends in it

I'll probably show you the after next week. I think it'll take me at least a week to go through it all and organize it. I want to know what I have and where it is!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Abigail tagged me to do What's In Your Purse and I have a couple of awards to acknowledge so I'm doing two posts today.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Isn't the weather wonderful today? I love your new trellis. Have fun rearranging your garage.

Heather said...

oh i love maxie! he looks just like Trevor, my golden retriever i used to have many years ago. So sweet.

Sarah Kate said...

I am also enjoying the Atlanta weather today. You have to keep us posted on what you are doing for your vegitable garden. I am going to watch closely and see what I can learn. I am planning on starting one this year and I am very excited to learn from you.

Ally's Corner said...

That is so true about our weather, I had to laugh.
Going to classy flea today. I'll post next week if I find something.

Terri Steffes said...

My aunt lives in Newnan, is that close to you?

Our weather yesterday was beautiful, today, not so much.

I love organizing! I wish I loved organizing my stuff!

Vee said...

Okay, I'm jealous of the warm temps and the daffodils up so far and all the things that I won't see for months. Oh, I will see a garage that looks amazingly like that one, though. I don't know how they fall apart so fast.

Adrienne said...

Hi, Manuela -
When you're finished with your garage would you please come by and help me with mine? Mine looks so bad. I won't let just anyone in but since you will have such good experience cleaning, sorting and rearranging you can come help. P-L-E-A-S-E?

Enjoy your nice weather. We had a gorgeous day today but the weather is changing a bit here today. We've been told there may be a bit of snow tomorrow or the next day. We'll see what really happens - hope 'they' are wrong!

Beth at Aunties said...

This made me smile! I have a store room in my basement which ahs become a PILOT room. We pile it here, and we pile it there, if fact we pile it everywhere!:-) It is on my 'soon to tackle' spaces! Good Luck! I am looking forward to your after photos!
Thanks for your sweet comemnts!

GlorV1 said...

I love Maxie. He is beautiful and looks well taken care of. As you know I love dogs who I consider family members. Our garage is in the same way. We need to get in there and clean it up.Luckily my studio that is at the back of the garage has a door and hides the interior of the garage. Take care. Good sunday to you.

sweet momma luv u said...

Maxie is so cute. I love dogs ours are always under foot too!

Oh yes the never ending pit of a garage. It is almost impossible to keep up with it. I end up just taking stuff to SA because I just have the hardest time doing garage sales. Besides I like the Tax write off.

Can't wait to see pictures when you are done with the garage.

Mary said...

Gosh it really is lovely day here in Raleigh too - about 70 degrees. Like you, I've been outside for a while pruning back the butterfly bushes. The daffodils are budding and a few popped open. Hopefully no more snow or freezing weather but of course we've several weeks to go before Spring!

Good luck with the garage re-do - I don't have one so that's one less space to have to clean out!

Back to my furniture painting now - up to my elbows in French grey!!

2 Dogs said...

We are enjoying temps in the 60's this week here in TN. Nothing is blooming yet.

I love what you did with the trellises. My hubby uses zip strips on everything. Very handy.

Betsy Brock said...

Wow...that weather sounds wonderful! Spring fever for sure...and then some cold wind will come back and shock you into reality! least that's what would happen up here in Ohio.

Maxie...what a sweet old dog...I can see some gray on her nose. I love pets that lay at your feet and what to be where you are!

Nicole ~ said...

Maxie is beautiful!! I love his fur color. What a great Home Depot find!! I need a few of them, I wish I could find a closeout like that.

Good luck on the garage. I need to do the same thing on mine.

Have a great Sunday, Nicole~

Robin @ The Rendered Nest said...

I live in Birmingham, AL where we are enjoying this beautiful weather too...while it lasts! We spent the day yesterday going to yard sales...perfect day for them! Best wishes as you continue to organize!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Manuela.

We had great Springlike weather last week. I think it's supposed to be cooler this next week.
We still have until the end of March before we can really get into digging around outside. J found some great solar lights and put them out by the curved walk, next to the patio, the other day. Love how they look! J also worked on the garage yesterday. We were getting a bit of Cabin Fever, I think!
Your trellises are wonderful!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

And when you finish, come to my home, and I will have a list ready for you. :-) Temps up in the 60's yesterday and today, and the next couple of days. Then out weather is like yours - may be snowing next week. Maxie looks like a sweetie.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Anticipation! I can't wait until I see your rose blooming on that glorious trellis.

I think I need professional help getting my garage cleaned out. We have been pack rats for too long and It makes me have a panic attack every time I go out there. UGH!

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Lucky you. . . spring sprouting!! We have a few more months of winter here in Michigan.

Love that chest/dresser in your garage. Looks like a treasure. And I also see some other wonderful "treasures" in your garage too!



Jen @ said...

How lucky you are to have that weather! My garage is such a mess. I can't wait to see the progress in yours. Maybe it will help me figure out what to do in mine!



Unknown said...

My goodness, you got a lot accomplished. I'm so jealous of your weather. It actually made it to 50 in Ohio, so our snow is finally melting and there's been a long line at the carwash all day long!

Anonymous said...

The weather has been just beautiful the last couple of days. I understand wanting to get out and enjoy it! The new tellis is fabulous. You got an amazing deal on it! Isn't it wonderful how much a part of our lives our pets become. Our little beagle pup has become another child to me.
I look forward to seeing your organized garage.
Have a great monday!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the "after" pics of the garage. Sure you have a lot of work to do, and I'm waiting to see how you manage to fix things and take some ideas, you are always an inspiring source.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You are probably a month ahead of us on buttercup growth LOL. I looked at mine yesterday (don't laugh...I planted some too! Well they were sprouting in the bag!)
Love that chest in your garage!

Anonymous said...

Oh look at that sweet Maxie..... what a good boy to stay close by.... just in case you need him.... Oh girl if YOU said you were going to have a garage sale all of blog land would pack up and hook up the trailer..... I know I would ..... Georgia isn't that far from Texas..... lol
I mailed package for you this morning ; - )

Mimi Sue said...

I'm so jealous of your good weather. It is snowing here in Utah today. I have a bunch of stuff to do and it's not going to get done! I have a little dog that follows me wherever I go. She waits for me outside the bathroom door. She's a lot of company when the mister's gone. Mimi

The Country Experience said...

Good call on those trellises! In the neighborhood of $5 each??? That's almost thievery, lol.

Ooh, organizing stuff. I love it, can't wait to see pics afterwards.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Carolyne said...

Oh, Manuela...I am still laughing at your should seee Mine!! We could have the *best* sale, you and I.....if only we were neighbors. (sigh)
(Mine is piled higher and with the winter weather continuing, I'm getting eager to move it!)
I hope to see pictures of the lovely iceberg when it blooms :o)
((hugs)) Carolyne